Blot #48: Bones & Gravy

Hi Blot Buddies! I am so ready for this year to be over! I haven’t done a lot of tangible writing this year. I’ve done a lot of plotting of concepts that never made it print, but Bones & Gravy is the breakout winner! I’ve posted 2 episodes so far. I don’t know what the response is to it since no one has left any reviews. I don’t know if people hate it and don’t want to spend the energy to tell me why or maybe it didn’t wow them enough to warrant a response. I shouldn’t freak out, but I haven’t released any content in this way in like 2 years. Sure, people eat ass now, but does that mean they don’t reviews now, too? Anyway, I release new episodes on Thursdays and post on Tuesday Serial on Tuesdays. ( If you read it, please take a moment to comment! I’d really appreciate it.

Blot #47: What Had Happened Was

Wow! Once again it’s been a minute since I updated. I had so many plans, and as usual, life got in the way. In August I wanted to do Web Serial Writing Month; in September I wanted another shot at it; in November I wanted to do Nanowrimo, but none of those things happened. What had happened was some drama with my roommates, trying to move out, depression, anxiety, then a job promotion with full time hours and benefits, reconciliation with roommates, still looking to move, and a sci-fi book convention where I sat on panels, networked and sold books! That’s a lot of fuckery.

The good news is that I still managed to get some writing. You know that I have difficulty writing at home, so I write at work. I’m finally getting paid to write! 😆 I wrote a new Thanksgiving episode of Damien & Greg, my first episode in a year. I also started a new fantasy serial called “Bones & Gravy” about two friends on a quest to re-kill the Skeleton King. I finished the first season last night, so I’m ready to edit and eventually post! I wanted to wait until I had a good solid start before I posted and then abandoned it, like I have so many times before!. I also created a new WordPress to house the serials because I hated the web address for Inkblot Serials. Now it is called Blackwell Serials. You can find it here:

I am also in the process of planning another serial that I can’t wait to get started on. Next I want to make a Perils of S.P.A.C.E. omnibus as well as fix the formatting for the ebooks of the first six books. So many projects, so little time!

If I don’t update again by the end of the month, happy holidays! Thanks for reading!



Hello folks! It’s the end of September. Soon it will be time to wake up Billie Joe. As my favorite month begins, I’m gearing up to concentrate on writing in earnest. I’ve decided to participate in Nanowrimo this year for one reason: To finally make some writer friends in Phoenix. While I don’t plan on actually hitting 50k (even though it’s a snap for me), I do plan on using the energy to write Books 10-12 of Perils of S.P.A.C.E. during the event. I have the titles picked out and a premise planned. I want to return to having the books share a serialized feel culminating in a grande finale like I did with Books 1-6. You don’t know this yet, but Books 7-9 are standalone, while technically, I’m going to arc weld Book 9 into Books 10-12. I’ve already started plotting Book 10 and I can’t wait to actually write it! Next time you see me floating around Twitter, feel free to ask me how the plotting is going!

Blot #45: WeSeWriMo Update

Hey Blot Buddies! It’s been a minute. It always is. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I’ve actually been writing this month! I got a new fantasy idea and it’s going pretty well. I’ve written 5 episodes and have 10 episodes plotted so far! I’m not pushing myself to have them all completed by the end of the month. I’m taking my time and really enjoying the process. The main problem I’m facing right now is resisting the urge to post the episodes I’ve completed because I want the validation that what I’m writing is good enough. I feel that the story is great and I want to share it. I also know that the moment I do, the project will die and it will left unfinished. It happens every time. Remember HellSlayers in 2019? I was really excited about that too, but then it crashed and burned as I posted the episodes. I want to release a finished product this time. It might take longer than I’d like, but I’d feel much better sharing something that readers will love and have them trust me that I won’t leave them hanging. This is my new goal.

ALSO, I’ve taken to creating notebook covers when I’m not writing! I’ve opened an Etsy shop to sell them because Amazon KDP is no longer publishing my books for some reason. I’ve emailed them about it, but they’ve been no help. The technical team is working on it, but have no desire to give me a timeline. Meanwhile, Book 6 of Perils of S.P.A.C.E. has been sitting in limbo for two weeks. So, I’m on Etsy! You can find my notebooks at Okosan Press!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading!

Blot #44: Web Series Writing Month 2021

Hello, Blot Buddies! It’s been a month since my last confession. I’ve been in a brainstorming frenzy since last we spoke. I’ve cycled through two potential projects since then. I’ve come back around to my Weird West idea, and it’s progressed further than ever before. I’m pretty excited about it right now.

So August is coming around again, which is when I try to make a big deal about a now defunct Web Series Writing Month. If you’re not familiar, it’s another writing challenge a la Nanowrimo where serial writers set a goal of episodes they’d like to write during the month. After 2015, the website that hosted it died out with no new involvement. Since then, I’ve been adrift in the sea of serial writing. I did attempt WeSeWrimo on my own in 2019, but that attempt fizzled out. I’m hoping that if I make a big enough deal, I can build a new community. I’ve already created a Discord server for it. It’s pretty quiet at the moment, and my attempts to not be homeless has pretty much taken up a lot of my time, but if you’re interested in joining my server, you can do so here:

Well, that’s it for me for now. I’ve got some plotting to do! I hope to see you in the server!

Blot #43: Damien and Greg Pics

Hey Cam Fam! How’s it been? It’s been a great week for writing for me, but not so much for sleep. I went down to Tucson to visit a friend and he didn’t have AC. This is Arizona at the beginning of Summer and he let his AC break and won’t fix it. So while I love him dearly, I melted every day I was there. When it’s hot, I can’t sleep, so, I didn’t. It gave me a lot of time to work on writing. I’ve been writing up a storm.

But that’s not what this blog is supposed to be about. So, I’m sure you’re all familiar with my Damien & Greg series. If not, you can find them here: Damien & Greg. A few months back, I asked my friend Aaron to create some art for the two main characters. He whipped them up in little time at all. And they look fabulous! I’ve known Aaron for more than 20 years and I’ve always admired his work. I’ve pestered him for ages to draw my characters for money, but always refused to do so until finally I forced him to take my money to draw these! I couldn’t be happier with these!

Here is charming Damien Van Der Smith!
Greg Jones, Champion of Camp!

Like I said before, I can’t love these enough! Right now, Aaron is sharing his work on his Instagram: @drawinturnips. Please show him some love! Right now he’s showing casing his own plus sized magical boys line up! It’s a must see!

Well, that’s all I got for now! Thanks for reading!


Blot #42: Kindle Vella

Hey Cam Fam! I’ve been so frustrated by my inability to write lately. I keep coming up with all these fantastic ideas, but have no desire to write them. I have that recurring thought of why bother writing anymore since no one reads my writing. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not true. Folks have bought my books and enjoyed them! If I keep writing, people will read them once they know it exists! Marketing is my biggest pitfall because I don’t want to spam my Twitter timeline with plugs for my books because they tend to be ignored. I mean, I ignore so many plugs on my timeline, so I can’t be mad that folks would ignore mine. Right? Anyway, I’ve always said that I wanted a small cult following, and I have that, so mission accomplished!

So, while the writing has been close to non-existent, the ideas are plentiful. A month ago, I received an email from KDP saying that a new serial based program, Kindle Vella, would be launching soon. It’s a monetized version of Wattpad and other sites that have folks pay for tokens to read serialized stories. I have tried posting on Wattpad to get readers, but due to my inconsistency, I feel I have lost the three people who read my stuff there. Plus, I’m not a YA, romance, or fanfiction writer, so the chances of me being found were slim already.

I want to give Kindle Vella a test run. It’s not ready for readers yet. They are currently asking writers to add their stories to it so when it’s ready to launch, there’ll be stories to read. I’d been asking folks who have tried it to give me the scoop, but no one has responded. Upon doing my own research, I figured out that since Vella isn’t live, there’s no way to know what it’s about. So, I’m diving in. I love the premise of publishing serialized work onto Amazon.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. You can’t have already published works uploaded to it that aren’t behind a paywall. If you have such works published online for free, you have to pull them down or charge for them. So, there’s no rule against hosting your stories other places than Amazon, they just can’t be free. If you’ve published the story in book form, you can’t upload them to Vella.
  2. Each episode should be between 600-5000 words.
  3. The information about the royalties authors receive is a bit complicated. There are a lot of words and a lot of math describing how much the authors receive based on how much money readers spend on tokens to unlock each episode. 50% is what the info page says, but the exact dollar amount changes if the reader buys a smaller amount versus a bigger amount. My takeaway was if they buy fewer, you get more. If they buy more, you get less. And of course, Amazon will take their cut, so you actually get less than 50%.
  4. The first three episodes of each series are free, so the writer will need to offset this somehow.
  5. Kindle Vella is only available for folks in the US.

It sounds a bit dubious, but I’m going to give it a try. I’m currently creating some stuff for it. I’ll keep you posted about what I learn along the way.

Thanks for reading!

Blot #41: First Quarter of 2021

Greetings Cam Fam! We’re 5 months into 2021 and I’m sure a lot has happened since I last updated, but I don’t remember it. Not much has happened on the writing front. I’ve lacked the motivation, and sometimes, the desire to write. I’ve been in and out of depression and mania; my health has been on a roller coaster as well. In spite of that, the story ideas ceased to flow. I’ve spent most of the time daydreaming and brainstorming ideas in my head before writing them down. The stagnation of having to stay home to write finally got to me, so I ran away to California in the hopes of rekindling myself. It worked! I got an idea for a great spinoff concept that I’m currently working on! I’m hoping to keep it alive long enough to begin plotting the first book soon! I’ll keep you posted on my success!

Thanks for reading! I love you all!

Blot #40: 2021!

So, this is the first post of 2021! Man, what a shit show 2020 was, just for me personally. I moved three times last year. The good news is I think I’m done moving for a while. I’m in Phoenix, AZ now. A big city! I’m hella excited to start a new chapter of my life in a new city. I lived 30+ years in Tucson, AZ, where nothing ever happens. Now I’m in a place where things have more potential of happening once Covid finally is a thing of the past.

2020 was a great step forward for me writing wise, though. I started writing again. I wrote Book 9 of Perils of S.P.A.C.E. I started publishing the first 4 books. I opened my online store. I branched out a created a new weird slice of life series called Bizarre Adventures of Damien and Greg. I attempted to do Nanowrimo again and lost for the first time ever. I started a writing group based on Hogwarts houses (which is now defunct). I started writing a couple of different series that I’m still cultivating. I bought a writing desk! I quit writing for a hot 24 hours before I came back to it. 2020 was a roller coaster of emotions and words. I thank you all for coming along for the ride! I’m hoping that 2021 will be a bit more stable for me.

Blot #39: Month In Review August Edition

Hello Blot Buddies! How y’all durrn? It’s been pretty lackluster in CamLand. I got a new laptop, which works marginally well. I got it so that I could use a writing program when I don’t have internet. My Chromebook is/was great, but utterly useless without internet. That, and it hates streaming services. So, yay!

How has Book 2 been doing sales wise? It hasn’t, but mostly because I’ve been giving them away to my biggest fans, so it’s not a bother for me. It’s pretty much the only thing I can offer the world. I feel pretty useless otherwise. Amazon thinks I’m doing well because I’m buying them myself. I’m getting a big royalty check this month: $73. It’s like investing in myself. I’m trying to motivate myself to keep writing, but with the state of the country, the world, it’s harder to convince myself that my stories matter. Regardless, I’m going to get Book 3 ready for publication. It’s already ready already. I’m trying to stop myself from releasing it early, but why? I want to drum up excitement, but I don”t know how. How can I make you excited for it?

In other news, I started using my YouTube channel again! A friend introduced me to a Facebook group called #AuthorTube who make videos about their writing tips and stuff. I have 4 videos so far. You can catch them here if you so wish.

I’m gearing up for a writing challenge next month: Web Series Writing Month. It used to take place in August, but since the community died, and I’m the only one who still remembers it used to exist, I’m doing it in September. I’m plotting things. I hope it does better than HellSlayers did last year. I’ll reveal more once September is underway.

That’s all I have for now! Thanks for reading!


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